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I'm Dr Ilene Naomi Rusk

As a Functional Brain Health Consultant, Psychotherapist and Behavioral Neuroscientist,

I believe...

...in supporting your brain health with science-driven Functional Medicine strategies, working to prevent Alzheimer's & other chronic illnesses 

...treating trauma and stress as root causes of mental & physical illness. 


...in addressing root causes of cognitive & psychological issues and addressing imbalances, whether they be social, biological, genetic, psychological, environmental, emotional, or ancestral. 

...in a team approach, and in creating a healthy internal and external environment for you, with you.

...that precise and personalized changes in lifestyle can improve your wellbeing, improve your longevity & healthspan

...that nourishing food heals, being in beauty heals, nature heals and secure relationships heal.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about what's important to you.


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A personalized & caring approach to Brain Health & Psychological Wellbeing 

We can do all Emotional Health Coaching and

Healthy Brain Consultations via telemedicine

 Functional Brain Health Check-Up & Coaching

Resilience & Trauma Psychotherapy

The Healthy Brain Program 

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