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My Approach 


My therapeutic approach supports your cognitive and emotional health in a personalized way is based upon a trauma-informed Functional Medicine approach. Trained initially as a neuroscientist, neuropsychologist and now as a Functional Medicine brain health consultant, I act like a detective in your Functional Brain Health Check-Up to fully understand the root causes of your unique lifestyle, psychological and brain health issues. I then guide you, with a Functional Medicine team approach, towards the right diagnostics, treatment approach or interventions, from brain training to nutrition guidance. Whether you need stress support, trauma relief, relationship guidance, you have environmental or chronic illness, a head injury, or you just want your thinking to be more clear, we can help. 

People come to see me if they want to prevent Alzheimer's cognitive problems, or want to delay them. They come to me if they're looking for someone trained in a root cause approach to cognitive and emotional health. And it's about teamwork. I collaborate with a wonderful team of professionals who can help diagnose and treat brain related disorders using the latest science driven strategies. Dr Mary Braud and Dr Pat Henry are experienced Functional Medicine doctors. The neuropsychologists at the Brain and Behavior Clinic help with the differential diagnoses. 


Our methodology is based upon the pioneering work of Dr Dale Bredesen and other leaders in the field of dementia research. We combine functional medicine with a personalized behavioral health lifestyle protocol which uses the science and art of mindfulness, stress management and trauma healing. 

If you suspect you might be experiencing symptoms of cognitive decline, please reach out to your prefered provider.  Alzheimer’s disease can begin decades before symptoms appear. Even if you have no symptoms, becoming educated about your brain health is empowering. It’s possible to preserve and improve your high-level thinking skills. We using a data-driven, comprehensive & personalized, precise approach, 

All services are available in-person in our Boulder, Colorado Brain and Behavior Clinic office, as well as remotely from anywhere in the world via Skype (except trauma psychotherapy, which is only available in Colorado).



Happy Elderly Couple.

One-on-One Functional Brain Health Check-Up and Coaching

Start with an in depth assessment of your brain health. This is a one-off 1.5-2 hour appointment and a tailored list of suggestions will be sent to you following the consult. Bring your questions and we will determine the best course of action together. 


Resilience and Trauma Psychotherapy

Wake up to your life by transforming your chronic mold or environmental illness. Get to the root of anxiety, sadness or grief. Heal your old family wounds, turn them into wisdom and find your higher purpose. Begin to transform with many mindfulness and self-compassion skills. By releasing unresolved traumas (EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing), healing unhealthy lifestyle patterns, and developing healthy attachments (PACT) we can open doors to a more meaningful and fruitful time at work, while parenting, and with all our relationships.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


The Healthy Brain Center

This is an integrative team approach in conjunction with the trained professionals at the Brain and Behavior Clinic. Early Prevention and strategies to optimize Alzheimer's and other neurological illnesses. A full description is provided below. Please contact us with any personal questions.

Please note: there are no known cures for any dementia. All supplement suggestions offered by our clinicians are considered experimental.


Very often the root cause of a cognitive or behavioral disturbance is rooted in an emotional trauma response which needs to be healed before the symptoms of cognitive decline or brain fog can be fully addressed. We have a team of experienced trauma therapists and psychotherapists who are trained in all of the current and data driven techniques: EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, CBT, PACT and ACT. We put a great deal of emphasis on healing patients learn to regulate their nervous systems so that they are more resilient and healthy in their relationships with themselves and others.

Brain Health Coaching

Alzheimer's can begin several decades before symptoms occur. Lifestyle contributes significantly to Alzheimer's prevention and treatment. There are so many science-based opportunities to strengthen your mind, calm your nerves and work with dementia. I'll guide and motivate you, and send you to the right experts. Your lifestyle patterns with nutrition, sleep, movement, mindfulness and brain exercises will be tailored specifically for you and paced according to your timing and your rhythm.

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Healthy Brain Program

Healthy Brain Center

A Bright & Clear Mind – The Absolute Best of You!

A Functional Medicine and Behavioral Health Approach to Optimizing Your Neuro Health. 

Are you concerned about your memory or your thinking abilities? Do you have subjective cognitive impairment (SCI), mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or do you want to work to prevent Alzheimer's and other dementias? We do a Functional Medicine Healthy Brain Check-Up, refer you to a caring precision behavioral and metabolic enhancement program, based on the latest research, to maximize your brain health and the health of your nervous system. Much of the latest research focuses on finding the root causes of cognitive changes and then empowering you to make changes!

We do all of our work with a positive mindset: we believe in neuroplasticity, the capacity for your brain to change. We work to engage neuroplasticity. Your thoughts, your feelings and your lifestyle choices change neural structure and function. 

  • Scientifically evaluate your unique cognitive profile whether you are worried about your cognition and notice changes, or you want to optimize your thinking and get a baseline.

  • Refer you to a Functional Medicine doctor to do a comprehensive Bredesen Protocol metabolic evaluation, to help find the drivers of your SCI, MCI or neurodegenerative changes.

  • Guide and encourage you. Our team has a brain & behavior specialist, a brain health nutritionist, a cognitive rehabilitation clinician and neuropsychologist who will personalize your care.

  • Help you preserve & optimize brain health with a precision plan designed specifically for you

  • Offer you meditation training, HeartMath, photobiomodulation, neurofeedback and other brain healthy tools

  • Offer you psychotherapy options, such as Embodiment Practices, EMDR, Brainspotting and Somatic Experiencing and Applied Polyvagal Theory to help you build resilience if you suffer with depression, anxiety or help heal old traumas

Your recommendations can include:

  • neuro-imaging

  • genetic testing

  • neuropsychological testing

  • analysis of sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress, and other brain health lifestyle indicators

  • high quality supplements specific to your metabolic condition

  • science-driven brain training, learning meditation and stress reduction skills

  • access to an online support so you can learn from and aid others living with APOe4, MCI or AD

  • one-on-one coaching with motivating brain health professionals to support your implementation of the protocol recommendations

What does the research say?


  • Deciding to change your mind to change your brain is the first step on your journey to brain health. There are many modifiable science-driven lifestyle factors! Click here to learn about modifiable risk factors for AD. The research shows that Adverse Childhood Experiences significantly increase your likelihood of having mental illness and physical illness. For many it is important to work on early memories & patterns which the nervous system develops.  Investing in your brain health means starting early, before you have problems, if you can. Take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in this personalized protocol inspired by the latest innovative research showing that AD can be prevented and that the progress of early AD can be altered. Call our office with any questions. Our goal is to help modify your risk factors for AD, balance your nervous system and guide you on your journey to thinking clearly and feeling better.

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