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What’s the relationship between neuroscience and effective impactful leadership? Although this talk was presented about 10 years ago,  there are so many important and salient topics in it. He talks about the differences between the brains of people who are visionaries and leaders,  compared to the brains of managers. 

He discusses the difficulties businesses have when there is poor risk management and negative risks are taken. 


Inspirational leaders use their imagination and not just their intelligence.  They are creative and tend to use the right hemisphere of their brain more than managers do. It’s fascinating to know that some of the information here about neural pathways and healthy leadership are still completely relevant today.. The take away? We can change our brains and change our minds to become more effective leaders and have social impact. Leaders with more empathy, greater emotional intelligence and social responsibility have greater impact overall. The leaders we admire are the leaders who most inspire us in all of these domains! 

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