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Your Embodied Brain: 
Vagal Toning for Mind, Body and Soul 

with Dr. Ilene Naomi Rusk

12:00-1:00pm MDT

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Suggested Donation $20

All contributions are welcome.

Join me for an interactive session on vagal toning. In our hour together, I will share a poem and some juicy teachings that will educate and inspire. We will practice vagal toning exercises and do other experientials.


There will be time to clarify your intentions and personalize your vagus nerve practices. 


Our vagus nerve acts a mediator of the nervous system which supports emotional stability, physical health and resiliency. Deepening in practice together will help us continue to build community and do some Brain-Body-Soul balancing for our nervous system regulation. 

*Please complete both the donation payment and Zoom Registration in order to secure your spot and receive the Zoom link to join. All contributions are welcome.

Other Vagal Toning Practice Groups

This session is part of a series of Beginning Vagal Toning Practice Groups in collaboration with Dr. Arielle Schwartz. Practicing together offers an opportunity for those looking to deepen their understanding to gather and enjoy the benefits of a group learning environment.


Go to the link below to view details for practice groups with Arielle Schwartz and learn more about Vagal Toning.

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About Dr. Ilene Naomi Rusk

Dr. Rusk is trained as a neuropsychologist, neuroscientist and trauma psychotherapist. She currently practices as a brain health coach and embodied trauma psychotherapist with people who have chronic illness, want to prevent dementia, and those who want to optimize trauma healing.


Dr Rusk founded the Healthy Brain Program at the Brain and Behavior Clinic and consults with people all over the world to help them optimize their emotional and cognitive resilience.


Ilene Naomi’s work blends embodied trauma healing and resilience into a model of personalized integrative healthcare model for brain health and mental psychological vitality across the health span. Her priorities are to be a humanitarian and a good mother. 

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